Naval sitrep — 19th March 2021

A quick round up of noteworthy naval activities in the Central, Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Rea Sea.

Image 1- AIS screenshots
Image 1- AIS screenshots

The US Carrier group "USS Dwight D. Eisenhower' is currently located to the West of Cyprus as this tweet indicates: 

Additionally, the USS Monterey will be the 2nd US|NATO ship to have entered the Black Sea recently, (the SNMCMG2 ships have left), in addition to the Spanish Navy's 'ESPS Mendez Nunez' earlier this week.

The French Navy have recently carried out an quick snap anti-terrorist exercise, 'Rhéa' off Crete:

Or as NATO sums it up in a tweet: 

French Exercise #RHEA in the #Mediterranean increases readiness of national forces and builds skills critical to their and  #NATO's deterrence and defence.

 Exercise 'Rhea' involved the amphibious assault ship 'Mistral', FREMM  frigate 'Languedoc' and the BSAM Loire.

The Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet diesel-electric submarine (Project 636.3)  'Rostov-on-Don'  has made an inter-fleet transit and is now in the Eastern Mediterranean as part of the Mediterranean squadron forward deployed to Tartus, Syria.  The Russian Navy auxiliary tug, Professor Nikolai Muru was yesterday off the southern coast of Cyprus, heading to Tartus. 

Image 2 AIS screenshot of Nikolai Muru.
Image 2 AIS screenshot of Nikolai Muru.

Red Sea 

Russian Navy Project 20380 class 'Stoiky' called into Port Sudan this week.  This comes after a port call on February 28th by the 'Admiral Grigorovich'. 

The French aircraft carrier 'Charles de Gaulle' aircraft carrier and its strike group is deployed overseas, as part of 'Clemenceau 21'.  

Image 3 Map of Clemenceau 21 deployment
Image 3 Map of Clemenceau 21 deployment

Another French Navy group was recently in the Red Sea, French Navy Amphibious Ready Group, including the LHD 'Tonnere', as part of the operation Jeanne D'Arc 2021 heading ultimately to Japan.

Black Sea

Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet has all its submarines out at sea (in the Mediterranean too)

The Black Sea is the venue for NATO's Romanian-led multinational exercise,' Sea Shield 21', involving 18 NATO warships, 10 aircraft and 2,400 troops.

TASS reported on the 17th, the departure of the Black Sea Fleet’s frigate 'Admiral Essen'  from its home naval base to carry out hydrographic surveying mission in the Black Sea. (Note: somewhat an unusual mission for a frigate): 

"To carry out a set of measures for surveying Black Sea areas designated for combat training,"

Another Russian Navy auxiliary ship, recent build Project 23470, an ocean-going rescue/ salvage tug 'Sergey Balk' transited the Bosphorus on the 18th March on a Mediterranean deployment. 

Image 4 AIS screenshot of 'Sergey Balk' 19 March 2021
Image 4 AIS screenshot of 'Sergey Balk' 19 March 2021


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