Naval sitrep 23rd March 2021

An update on the sitrep posted on the 19th.

Image 1 — AIS screenshots 23 March 2021
Image 1 — AIS screenshots 23 March 2021

The newest frigate of the Russian Navy, the 'Admiral Kasatonov' is in Greece — 23 to 26th of March.

The 'Ike', the US aircraft carrier (Dwight D. Eisenhower), was recently alongside in Souda, Crete, while one of the destroyer escort, the 'USS Thomas Hudner' did a quick navigational 'tour' in the Black Sea, having made its debut Bosphorus transit on the 20th, to only return back early on the 23rd March. Talk about a quick spin around the block.

The Russian Navy ' Stoiky' is waiting to transit the Suez Canal and return to the Mediterranean, (waiting because there is a mega containership 'Ever Given' blocking the canal, having run aground).


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