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02 April 2021 

3rd in the 5-day series covering the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Red Sea.

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The latest Russian Navy frigate 'Admiral Kasatonov' has left the Mediterranean on its first long-distance deployment, returning to its Northern Fleet homeport.  TASS article — 

Over the time of its long-distance deployment that started on December 30 last year, the Admiral Kasatonov has covered a distance of about 17,000 nautical miles and visited the ports of Algeria, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria and Turkey.

The Ropucha "Syrian Express" rotation

A note about the regular rotation of this class of ships, since the tasking of providing logistical support for Tartus is distributed between the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea Fleets.  

Regular rotation of LSTs (Ropucha class) once more, this time the Baltic Sea Fleet 'Kaliningrad' (102), last time in the Med was 2014 and 'Korolev' (130), the latter having previously served forward deployed to the Med from November 2016 to April 2017, (before then from approximately June 2015 — December 2015).

Similar to 16th April 2018, when the 'Minsk' (127) left the Mediterranean back to its Baltic homeport and the  'Alexandr Otrakovskiy' back to Severomorsk in March 2018. 


US aircraft carrier 'USS Dwight D. Eisenhower' transited the Suez Canal on 02 April.

The Russian patrol ship 'Dmitry Rogachev' returned to the Black Sea, after its long-distance deployment to the Mediterranean and Arabian Sea.

The Baltic Sea Fleet corvette ' Stoiky' made a port call to Limassol after being one of the first ships to transit the Suez Canal northbound after the re-floating of the mega containership 'Ever Given'.

The Northern Fleet’s latest frigate Admiral Kasatonov is in the Atlantic Ocean, on its homeward bound of its first long-distance deployment in the Mediterranean Sea. the Atlantic Ocean. It is with the oiler tanker Vyazma and it is off Portugal. 


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