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12 April 2021

Image 1:  sitrep 21 April 2021
Image 1: sitrep 21 April 2021

The Baltic Fleet based Ropuchas 'Kaliningrad and 'Korolev' are believed to be at Tartus, likely to have replaced another, possibly back in the Black Sea.  Not sure about the status of the LST 'Saratov'. Until confirmation, the Ropuchas have not been included into the sitrep as yet.

Image 2 — AIS screenshot -Russian Navy Kola 12 April 2021
Image 2 — AIS screenshot -Russian Navy Kola 12 April 2021

Russian Navy Altay class 'Kola' on 12 April 2021, probably with the Baltic Sea Fleet corvette 'Stoiky' and a support tug, Yakov Grebelsky and possibly the repair ship PM-82, all returning back to the Baltic as reported by the Russian MoD. This drew attention to the US Navy, a P-8 flight  as reported on Twitter:

Russian Navy in Black Sea

Videos, satellite imagery and photos of the transfer of small boats including Serna class landing craft from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, via the network of canals and the Volga and Don rivers, are of course on social media. One of the reasons why the US Navy is  deploying 2 warships to the Black Sea to be "ready to respond". In all likelihood, these small vessels will deploy predominately in the Sea of Azov, unlike the US Navy.

US Navy

Turkish officials were cited in several news reports about the deployment of 2 US warships to the Black Sea in response to the continued Ukrainian crisis and military activities.  Arleigh Burke class destroyers USS Ross and USS Roosevelt  have transited into the Mediterranean recently, while the USS Donald Cook has headed home, replaced by the USS Arleigh Burke.

Russian Navy in Red Sea

The Project 18280 medium reconnaissance ship 'Ivan Khurs' made a port call to Port Sudan several days ago.  Maybe why the US military took an interest in the Red Sea:



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